Site Requirements

Supported Browsers

Internet Explorer 5 and Safari may work, but they are unsupported browsers. Firefox is recommended for optimal performance.

There is a known incompatability with Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration. Please add this address to the list of trusted sites if you are running this configuration.

Logging In

If you have a login, simply enter that and click login. If you are here to review a paper or just exploring, click the title of the paper to view its details. Copy the username and password into their respective fields and login.

Searching For Cores

To search for cores click on the Cores tab. Here you will find all the available options to query the database. Searches are preformed in a new tab. This allows for several concurrent searces, as well as constant access to the search parameters.
When you are done with a result-set, please close it by clicking the x on the tab. This informs the server that it can discard that result set.

In the case of the Diagnosis, Project and Biomarker fields, multiple selections can be made by either clicking and holding the mouse while dragging over adjacent selections, or by holding ctrl and clicking the desired selections.

All fields are optional, and if left blank, will not restrict the search results. For example, to view all cores stained with a biomarker, select only the biomarker and the score outcome. Do not select any of the projects. This will ensure that the query will search across all projects. Note: Selecting NO projects is equivilent to selecting ALL projects

To add an additional biomarker, simply click the [+] sign. To subsequently remove an added biomarker, click the [-] sign.

Browsing Slices

To browse slices, click on the Slice tab. Here you will find a table containing all the slices that you have permission to view.
The slices can be sorted by clicking on the table headings. There are two levels of sorting, so it is possible, for example, to sort by projects and biomarkers by first clicking on the project heading followed by the biomarker heading.

To view the slice details, click on the entry in the table, and the slice will open in a new window